8 Celebrities Who Drive Surprisingly Normal Cars

We anticipate the rich and renowned to drive vehicles that are as flashy as they seem to be. It’s commonplace to see photographs of big names riding around in treats shaded vehicles that cost in excess of an entire house. In any case, few out of every odd entertainer, competitor, or vocalist pulls out all the stops, strong, and showy. Some of them either couldn’t care less about an extravagant ride or simply believe it’s a superior plan to remain inconspicuous with something more normal and more downplayed. The following are eight big names who drive typical vehicles, trucks, or SUVs rather than some sort of extravagance colorful.

Hasan Minhaj

This story began with a tweet from entertainer Hasan Minhaj. The honor-winning comic and essayist was on The Daily Show for a long time and has had specials and a series on Netflix. You could expect somebody with that degree of progress to drive something top of the line, however, all things being equal, Minhaj said in the tweet that he drives a dark Toyota Camry, likewise explaining that he wasn’t somebody’s Uber driver. We thought it was a joke, however, you can see portions of the vehicle in a portion of his virtual entertainment posts. Minhaj likewise possesses a dark Honda Odyssey, which is presumably ideally suited for mixing in New York City.


Rapper and Fast and Furious relative Ludacris will drive heaps of sweet rides, all things considered, and in the film establishment, however, what does he really drive? A 1993 Acura Legend that he repurchased in 1999, not long before his profession took off. Luda really loves this Acura that after a 2015 accident that left it not doing so great, he, alongside Acura, totally reestablished the vehicle, adding new paint, yet additionally new suspension, new brakes, and another sound framework. The vehicle has even come to a collection cover and a heap of Instagram posts and is said to have well in excess of 350,000 km on the odometer.

Lewis Hamilton

What does various Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton drive as his organization vehicle? He drives for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas group, so you’d think he’d have full admittance to an AMG model in the arrangement. What might be said about an AMG GT, GLS 63, or even a G 63? No, Lewis has been spotted on various race ends of the week driving a considerably more quiet Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. It could try and be a four-chamber diesel model, and not one with a major V8. Speed getting to your lodging is presumably less significant than solace while you’re cutting up the field on Sunday evening.

Zac Efron

Entertainer Zac Efron was known around Hollywood for driving an especially typical vehicle. His selection of wheels as far as possible until 2014 was a turn-of-the-century Oldsmobile Alero car. The entertainer was shot all over town in this vehicle, however, in the event that you’re attempting to remain unknown, finding a preferable decision over one of these Oldsmobiles is hard. Efron wound up selling the vehicle for a noble cause, with a fan taking the triumphant bid and the vehicle. What was the substitution? Presently he drives a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, which has been presented on his web-based entertainment accounts on different occasions.

America Ferrera

Entertainer, maker and chief America Ferrera featured in Ugly Betty as well as the NBC satire Superstore. What does she drive? In the wake of purchasing a BMW with her most memorable acting check, she said on the Late Show that she went excessively far and couldn’t manage the cost of the vehicle. So she purchased a Toyota Prius all things being equal, which she has driven for over 10 years. She has likewise been spotted around Hollywood with a current-age Toyota Highlander, and when the family moved last year, they drove their own Chevrolet Express U-Haul rental van.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks appears to have a gigantic love for weirdo European vehicles. A glance at his web-based entertainment takes care shows a Fiat 126 and other comparative vehicles. A few fans even attempted to give him one a couple of years prior. However, what does he drive at home? What about a Scion xB? That is comparably ordinary of a vehicle as you can find, however, his model is really a variant changed over by eBox to run as an electric vehicle. It’s really going available to be purchased for the current month assuming you’re intrigued. Remaining in the square-shaped topic, Hanks can consistently be found in a dim blue Ford Transit Connect van. He has likewise posted photographs of himself towing a custom Airstream trailer around the country to film sets in an original Toyota Tundra pickup.

Alfred Morris

New York Giants running back Alfred Morris has a weakness for his exemplary 1991 Mazda. The player purchased the 626 from his minister for $2 while he was lesser at Florida Atlantic University, and has driven it from that point onward, even in the wake of becoming popular. The vehicle’s name is Bentley, and Morris says he keeps it as a suggestion to stay humble. In 2013, he was playing for the Washington Football Team when neighborhood sellers learned about the 626 and took it back to like-new condition. It was completely reestablished including a repaint and new trim that must be produced using the first forms. It probably won’t be the fanciest vehicle in the player’s parcel at the arena, yet it may very well be the coolest, and it certainly has the wistful worth of 1,000 genuine Bentleys.

Billie Eilish

Vocalist Billie Eilish seems to be a reprobate cruising all over L.A. in her vehicle, yet look carefully and it’s significantly more ordinary than you could naturally suspect. A lot of reports call it a 707-hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat, yet the look and sound of this vehicle hint that it’s a V6-fueled base-level SXT trim vehicle, or if nothing else one that is camouflaged to seem as though it. Eilish posts a lot of photographs of her and her Challenger named Dragon; the level dark vehicle has even been in Eilish’s music recordings. The vocalist may be preparing for a redesign, however, since she’s not a 17-year-old any longer and in light of the fact that Eilish has recently sent off another mission with Dodge that utilizes her tune “Oxytocin” to sell the huge power SRT Hellcat vehicles. Then again, expressing farewell to your most memorable car is hard. Particularly when it was your fantasy ride.