Controversial real estate agent Dejan Veljkovic can apply for license again (and will get one)


Dejan Veljkovic, key figure in Operation Clean Hands, will more than likely get his license as a football agent again if he applies for it. This is reported by the DPG media and has been confirmed to our editors.

The disciplinary penalty imposed by the football association Veljkovic was recently annulled by a Brussels court. The KBVB will not appeal this, which gives Veljkovic the opportunity to reapply for his license as a broker. He has to register again for this. That would happen in the course of tomorrow and the union does not seem to want to put a stop to it because it would go against a judge’s ruling. In addition, the legal investigation into Veljkovic’s practices is coming to an end and final statements based on the full file will be made shortly. That will again lead to a conviction, which would immediately cause Veljkovic’s renewed license to be revoked.

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