Cooperative Stadium prisoners, Police move to Karatu

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The Tanzania Fc Police Team will be forced to play its first Premier League game in mainland Tanzania outside the home stadium due to a stadium challenge.

That comes as the team prepares for Wednesday’s match against KMC Fc which is scheduled to be played in Karatu district instead of Moshi Cooperative University stadium after TFF officials inspected the stadium where the next match between Tanzania Fc and Azam FC may be played there and you may bet on Meridian when it happens.

Speaking to the media, the Vice Chairman of the Police team, Robert Munisi expressed dissatisfaction with the transfer of the game due to the delay in also being given information on the location of the transfer.

We are going to play our game against KMC in Karatu district despite the distance compared to being late to be notified by the TFF so we are well prepared to win our game, our fans who will be able to join us come to Karatu.” said Munisi

For his part, the Information Officer of the Tanzania Police Team Hassan Juma said the team is well prepared for the game against due to the training they did the players and the instructions of the coach and team coach Malale Hamsin

Hussein Laizer is the Manager of the Cooperative Stadium where he said various efforts have been made so that the stadium can be used in major league games in mainland Tanzania after inspecting the TFF have said within a few days it can be used for the next major league game in mainland Tanzania.

This stadium has grown to be used in various college and government activities so it continues to be well maintained to bring productivity to consumers” said Laizer